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Lately I have been finding myself crushing on little things that just add a bit of sunshine to my day.

My new KitchenAid Mixer. My Husband bought it for me for Christmas. He says I am the only woman in the world who won’t gripe on him for buying appliances as a  gift. I love pouring my ingredients into the mixer. Locking the safety then turning on the speed. Slowly working my way from 1 to 10. The way the ingredients mix together is such a pleasure to look at.  I swear the cookies taste better!

Painted Nails. I have started to do nail art as a way to relax for a few hours and express my creativity.  Drawing inspiration from Anime, holidays and Princess Jasmine. Turning magazine pages has never felt sexier!

Candles. Huckleberry, vanilla, cucumber watermelon. Often times I will light one in each room so that I am walking into a new scent at every turn. 

Wedding Photos. With my 1 year anniversary coming up shortly I can’t help but look at photos from last February. Remembering all the laughs and tears. The anticipation of walking down the aisle. The way my legs shook under my dress in nervousness. Laughing with my Dad while walking down the aisle. My sisters and Mum trying to mask their tears.  Our first kiss. The excitement on my Flower Girls face when she got to ride in the limo. The speeches. Our First Dance. The fact we forgot to do a formal cake cutting. Little things that made our day perfect!

Sometimes the greatest joy comes in the simplest form.