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After reading through a few blogs this morning I realized that I hadn’t posted a blog in 3 weeks! I remember when I started last month. The eagerness to write, the excitement I had when I checked my stats. Maybe I’ve been busy, bored or just uninspired but I have the desire back.

This week was tough in regards to my diet. For 4 weeks I have been eating nothing but veggies and fruit, lean meats and grains. I have eliminated all flours, rice, sugar, soda, high carbs and worst of all potatoes. For those who know me I am a potato-holic. I even (regretfully) bought a potato cookbook in December, long before I realized I’d be sentenced to diet hell for who knows how long! Last week I bought a book all about low carb dieting. My Dad took one look and said “Yeah, have fun with that!”.

The first 2 weeks the weight quickly came off but I have since stalled. I have lost 11 pounds to date. I am dieting and biking and recently bought some weights. Ok, I will admit, they are teeny tiny 1 pound weights. My husband Brent, who tries to lovingly encourage me, calls them paper weights. See how small they are in comparison to his? My 7 year old niece came over this week and laughed when she saw them. They’re so small Auntie Kat. Look, I can lift these big ones!!!

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary was last weekend. Where did we go for dinner? A Mandarin Restaurant. He had asked me where I wanted to go and I knew I would feel bad if I dragged my thin, food obsessed, meat-loving husband to a ritzy restaurant so I told him to pick. Don’t get me wrong, the food was great, but watching him gorge himself on 3 plates of overstacked food while I fed myself veggies and fruit with the healthier menu options was quite depressing and unmotivating to say the least. I tried a cup of rice and I’m not sure if it was because I hadn’t had much carbs in weeks but I felt like utter crap the next few hours. I think I slept part of the drive home.

Yesterday was my Nephews Birthday party. How do you think that went?!I swear my Sister was tempting me with her cake, which I must say looked AMAZING!!! She really should start a blog “hint hint”. The smell of cake was everywhere! I think I gained a pound just smelling it. I wanted a bite so badly I almost wanted to punch every member in my family for smirking at me and telling me how good it was.

Tomorrow is Family Day. I’m spending it at home with Brent. He has planned on making spaghetti and garlic bread. I’ll just enjoy my plate of bok choy and chickpeas, Thank you very much!

Soon, I’ll be Fabulous!