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My Husband and I have a strong love for Music. We often find ourselves relaxing on a day off with headphones and a splitter jack exploring new songs and bands.

Our first concert together was at a little venue in Toronto in 2010. We went to see our favourite band at the time, CHROMEO. An electrofunk duo from Quebec who use synthesizers and have a penchant for the 80’s. Their music is pure with catchy lyrics and a retro feeling.

A few years back while practically everyone was listening to the top 40, I was singing along to the likes of Cut Copy, Holy Ghost!, MGMT, Justice and of course CHROMEO. I was also a huge fan of Kavinsky and the song Nightcall, before it was made famous in the movie “Drive”.

Some call my taste in music questionable, but then, can’t that be said about everyone? We all have our own taste and mine happens to not involve Justin Bieber. Don’t get me wrong, I will occasionally listen to the odd Top 40 pick, but I would rather listen to those who actually write their own music and know how to play an instrument.

I remember as a kid, falling in love with a song on MuchMusic and then begging my parents to take me to the music store so I could purchase the cassette or CD of the band or singer, just so I could have that song. In those days there were no mp3 players. Hell there wasn’t even downloading or the internet.

It is so easy now to fall in love with a song and stream it to an iPod or computer only to move on to something else. With the help of the internet and social media sites it is also easy to see videos and listen to songs under the recommendation of a friend. I can’t think of anyone who has even purchased a CD recently.

I recently acquired a record player and have been able to track down my favourite bands that are now putting out LP’s. Isn’t that much hotter than owning an mp3?

Here are 15 of my favourite songs, a few were played at our Wedding last year. My husband often finds me quietly dancing and singing to these while baking or cleaning the house.

1.  CHROMEO – Night By Night

2. CHROMEO –  Hot Mess

3. Holy Ghost! – I Wanted To Tell Her

4. Holy Ghost! – Wait & See

5. Kavinsky – Nightcall

6. Justice – Civilization

7. Breakbot – Baby I’m Your’s

8. Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire

9. Bag Raiders – Way Back Home

10. Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream

11. The Kooks – Ooh La

12. Miami Horror – Sometimes

13. MGMT – Electric Feel

14. Hot Chip – ready For The Floor

15. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

Bonus – CHROMEO – 100% (this was our Wedding Song)

Which ones were your favourite from my list and are there any you have heard before?