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It is unusually warm here in Ontario, Canada.  I live on the 5th floor and it is Hot. The first day of Spring is approaching in a few days and it feels more like a mild summer. Brent and I actually slept with a fan on,  our bedroom window wide open and just a sheet to cover us. The crickets and midnight thunderstorm was quite nice too!

This weather is reminding me of a trip Brent and I took last summer to New  Smyrna Beach Florida, which is just 20 minutes from Daytona. We went for a two week trip. Having missed Canada Day, July 1st, which was the day of our departure, My parents, Grandmother, Brent & I packed up in a van and drove to Florida. While on vacation we were able to witness the many amazing fireworks on the beach for July 4th, the last space shuttle and other amazing sights.

Here are some pictures from our trip. My Husband and I took them.

It's a Bugs Life


Morning Ocean

The Sun has arrived!

My Dad, enjoying his first stroll in the sand

Bird over calm waters

My Husband Brent, enjoying our first stroll in the ocean together.



Peekaboo Crab!

My Mum, the Sun Lover


Flying High

St. Augustine - Castillo de San Marcos

Just like the sign says!

Sleeping quarters

Another room

Interesting and old weapons

Another shot of the Fort

Waters surrounding the Fort

One of many Lighthouses

A very old Cemetery

Nestled in a tree in the Cemetery

Ocean Vessel

The closest shot I could get of the last space launch from Cape Canveral

More Birds!

Nesting Ground

And He's out of the hole!