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This is a short blog to say Thank You!

It has been a fun and adventurous 2 months of blogging! I have met a lot of great fellow bloggers. I have learned some new recipes, tried different beauty techniques and have seen photographs from all over the World!

My Viewers Map

I have only published 13 blogs but the feedback has been great. In these 2 short months, I have gained 22 followers, have had over 700 views and have been read all across the World. I may not compare to some of the other bloggers out there stats wise, but for me, it is exciting because I never thought I would have had readers at all!

So Thank You to all of my followers, commenters, likers, sharers, and viewers!

And with thoughts of my Sister, who is performing in a play tonight as a Shakespeare Heroine:

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” – William Shakespeare