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I drew the inspiration for these Nails from our bedroom which is East Indian and Japanese designed.

The Nail polish I used is called Rock Star by Apple Bottoms. It is a very dark blue, goes on smooth and dries quickly.

I then used a Fingrs Flirt Stamping plate that I found at Wal-mart last week for $8.98 which included the white polish and scraper. I also purchased another package of two plates for $2.98. Very affordable compared to other brands available.

After applying the design I glued a rhinestone onto each nail. I purchased a package of Birthday Gemstone Stickers which is typically used for crafts or scrapbooking at a Dollar Store. I used the November ones (pictured above) on my thumbs and heart shaped ones I had previously bought on the rest of my fingernails. I finished with a clear top coat of polish.

Nail art doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. Take a browse at your local dollar, fabric or craft store and see what items you can use to get creative. I think these came out great!