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I am unhappily unemployed. I spend my days taking care of our home, looking for work and running errands. Although I technically have every day of the week off, I look forward to the weekend. My Husband has short shifts, we can visit with friends, I can see my family and my Husband and I can have breakfast together.

This weekend shall be a fun one. We have planned a double date tomorrow. On the itinerary is dinner to a Sushi restaurant and then bowling! I feel like a teenager again, getting together with friends for a fun night out. Ironically we are going with my good friends from High School. I have only had Sushi a couple of times so I look forward to expanding my palette, while still watching my diet.

On my to-do list this weekend:

♦ Buy a new pair of jeans. After losing 15 pounds my old jeans are looking baggy and everytime I get up I have to hike them up which looks ridiculous.

♦ Clean off my balcony and get it ready for Spring and Summer. We have plans to plant some flowers and vegetables.

♦ Bake something sinfully delicious!

♦ Exercise on my bike for 2 hours after “forgetting” to this week.

What are you looking forward to doing this weekend?

Have a great Weekend!