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This is Brent The Gent aka my Husband. This morning he was Freshly Pressed.

I was getting ready for an appointment and decided to check our email. Lo and behold there was an email for Brent, congratulating him on being Freshly Pressed. I was beyond stunned and excited and I admit, jealous. You see, he has only been on WordPress for 2 weeks!

For those that don’t know or who aren’t on WordPress, being Freshly Pressed is huge. It is something all bloggers dream of. Each day a few blogs are chosen to represent different topics that the site deems interesting, unique and impressive. It is then shared on the homepage of WordPress for all the world to see. Brent’s blog is there, under Humor and is also featured under food, life, and review. That is incredible. After being Freshly Pressed, the author will receive an insane amount of views, likes, comments and followers. You basically become famous on the site!

I joined WordPress in January and have gained 60 followers and 1500+ views, so everyday Brent will ask how my stats are and I will exclaim proudly I am getting popular. Well yesterday he was at 8 followers and 300 views. As of now he has 70 followers and 5500+ views.

My Husband always wins.

We have a joke in our home that he beats me at everything. I will often get a fun new app on my phone and play it, getting a great score. When he comes home from work, I show him my score and he will not only download and play it, but will beat my score incredibly. This happens contantly. He often remarks that I always win Scrabble, but I know he is just being nice. It seems no matter what I find myself to be doing good at, he can always beat it within a matter of time.

So with this mornings excitement of being Freshly Pressed, I find myself laughing that a blog about holding a hamburger properly has become an instant hit. Maybe I should credit myself with the fact that I helped him to get the blog, showed him how to properly tag and referred my readers to him!

I fell in love with Brent because of his ability to make me laugh, his sheer goofyness and his overall comedic act. I am so proud of him for being Freshly Pressed and only hope that one day too, I can be. I can credit him with my sudden increase in readers to my blog! Our stats and followers are through the roof!

You can view his now famous blog post here. I am sure many of you have read it already. I have a feeling he will be busy the next few days replying to everyone.