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Top Row – Left to Right: Billie Nail Polish Electric Rose & Lime, Sally Hanson #840 Ice Queen & #720 Sturdy Sapphire
Bottom Row – stars, hearts, moons and glitter

While I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of my Julep Maven May box, I went out and  purchased a few new polishes and accessories for some more great nail art!

Brent tagged along with me to a trip to the dollar store and after browsing the aisles, he adorably came over and showed me a package of glitter and decals to do some art with for $1!

At the store I also managed to grab some more neon Billie nail polish! I already had  Electric Orange and Yellow. I bought the store’s two other colours, Electric Lime and  Rose!

We then went to the nearby Walmart where I purchased Sally Hanson #720, Sturdy Sapphire and #840, Ice Queen.  These two when worn together are gorgeous!

I find with the Billie brand that the polish dries very matte. So a bottom and top coat are recommended. For $1 each I can’t complain.

As for Sally Hanson polish, I find that they have a tendency to take a long time to dry, so I usually apply a thin coat, let it dry for 20 minutes then apply another coat! These cost $2 each at Walmart.

Have you tried these brands before?