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I love curves, and I love Women who embrace their curves!

For years I was in a funk about my curves and would often buy loose, baggy clothing. Hiding what I felt was unattractive.

Brent & I

I was always a fuller figure, had DD’s in grade 8 and was 5’9 by grade 7.When I met Brent, he assured me I was drop dead gorgeous and encouraged me to embrace what I was given. I have since learned to do so and find myself dressing sexier, current and revealing more than just an ankle!

Often on WordPress, I browse various blogs and many of them feature gorgeous women who may not be what the industry calls “Plus Sized”.

I think all women are beautiful and I feel we should accept what we are given and flaunt it, regardless of size.

Here are a few pictures I found today while browsing through Google of gorgeous curvy women, who like myself, aren’t afraid to be who they are.

Be proud of who you are Girls, because you are gorgeous!