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I can’t help but get excited with all the new movies coming out. Brent and I watch around 5-7 movies a week and enjoy movie dates to our local theater.

I thought I would share with you some trailers of upcoming movies that I am excited to see.

Excited to see a movie featuring great Actor’s & Actresses set in India, my Mum’s birthplace!

Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd?

I’m sure Brent will want to see this more than me, but it looks quite good!

I cannot wait to see this!

Ryan Gosling…Need I say more?

A movie about Male Strippers. Sounds like a girl’s movie night!

I think everyone should watch this.

Odd casting, but looks good!

Probably will be an underrated movie.

Comment below and let me know which of these you are interested in and feel free to share links for movies you are excited for!