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Way back in February, I ordered Fimo Canes from a seller in Hong Kong for $5 CDN. I was supposed to receive them in 2 weeks but sadly never did. I gave up all hope of getting them.

I usually check the mail but Brent was off yesterday so I asked him to. He came back with excitement and said I had a package from Hong Kong. I was speechless. I was sure they had gotten lost in the mail. It took three months to arrive! I joked that he was my lucky charm yesterday.

These are just a few of the 100+ Fimo Canes I received!

Fimo Canes are polymer clay that have been molded into designs like butterflies, fruit, animals, shapes etc. They come in 5cm long sticks and can be sliced very thinly with a razor which are then applied to the nail to create detailed nail art. They can also be applied to picture frames, cell phones and other items or used in crafts.

Overall, I am very pleased with the variety of designs and particularly love the fruit ones. The cupcake one pictured is Brent’s favourite. His obsession with food never ends!

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