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I decided to try out my new Fimo Canes today. With picnic season and Summer approaching I felt the fruit cane designs were a good way to start!

I selected a few fruit canes: watermelon, lime, lemon, oranges, strawberry, apple and kiwi.

Brent lent my his utility knife so I used that to thinly slice the canes. I have to emphasize the word thinly because if you cut them too thick, they are harder to stick and will also be raised quite a bit on the nail.

In the picture above, the slice is too thick. It needs to be about half that size. It is tricky to slice it at first but you get hang of it quite fast!

I  made sure to buffer each nail so that were no rough edges, for better adhesive. I applied a bottom coat and let dry. I then applied a drop of top coat to the spot on my nail where I wanted to apply the cane slice. I did this every time until my nails were complete. I finished with a top coat over the entire nail and that was all it took to achieve these Fruit Salad Nails.

These took about 1 hour, including drying time. I didn’t stick to a pattern with the cane slices and placed different designs on each nail.  I am quite happy with how they turned out.

Would you wear these and are you thinking of trying Fimo Canes?