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Here are some pictures of my favourite male celebs. Feel free to drool, hug your computer and lust for these yummy guys!


Ryan Gosling is my favourite male celebrity! He is gorgeous, a great actor and best of all Canadian! I watched him in Breaker High as a kid, but The Notebook was when I fell for him.


This picture is Smokin’! He was adorable in 500 Days Of Summer and you can still find me watching reruns of 3rd Rock From The Sun.


Hugh Jackman is a Sexy Beast! I can’t help but adore his looks, acting ability and his accent. Not to mention, he sings! Every time I watch X-Men I can’t help but imagine his claws ripping off his clothes.


This hunk used to be a Stripper! You can now watch him show off his moves in the new movie Magic Mike. I think I’ll be heading to the theatre pronto!


My crush on Leo started when I was 15. My walls were covered in his posters and I always cried when I watched Romeo & Juliet. Look, even that Polar Bear is smitten!


To all the 90’s readers, the movie Clueless introduced us to this goofy and adorable man. If you haven’t seen his raunchy yet hilarious monologue in Wanderlust then I highly suggest you do. He can Slappin’ Da Bass anytime!!!


This man gets my blood boiling! I pray, pray, pray they choose him to portray Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey. Who wouldn’t want a visit to the playroom?!


I danced to Good Vibrations when I was a kid and crushed on him during Rock Star. Who needs Ted when you have Marky Mark!


Brent is obsessed with Soccer and now I am too, solely for David Beckham! Love his hair and tattoos too! SCORE!!!


He may have creeped us out in Donnie Darko but Brokeback Mountain made us swoon. I can’t help but love his smile!


He’s a great actor, has a contagious smile and doesn’t take himself too seriously. My favourite movie of his is Pineapple Express. He’s so hot that…. It’s like killing a unicorn… with, like, a bomb!


I can’t help but adore this Brit. He has charmed us in the Bridget Jones series and The English Patient. And who can forget how he proposed to his love Aurelia after learning her language in the movie Love Actually? Adorable!


I sang along with him in Moulin Rouge, laughed during The Men Who Stare At Goats and rooted for him in Deception. To me, he is the only good thing about Star Wars!

♥ Michael Fassbender ♥ 

He showed us his VERY private side in the movie Shame. There are a lot of online discussions about his role in the movie, so I highly recommend you check it out!


Look at those smoldering eyes! Though I haven’t seen too many of his movies, I adored him after watching Atonement and look forward to seeing more!

So there are my favourite Male Celebs. Please comment below and let me know if any of these guys are your favourite. If not, feel free to share with me yours!

– Photo Credit: Google Search