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My Husband I just returned from a breathtaking trip to beautiful British Columbia, Canada. It was a surprise gift my Husband Brent received from our Family. You can view the surprise here.

Brent and I packed up the car and drove to Pearson Airport in Toronto, Ontario. We had a night flight which was 2 hours delayed. By the time the plane took off the runway, it was 12AM. We arrived in Vancouver, BC at 2AM local time. Needless to say we were exhausted but overly excited so we didn’t sleep on the plane.

We stayed with Family on our trip and after a long night of flying we still had over 2 hours of driving until we arrived at their home in Pemberton. Our first day we were tired and a bit jet lagged so we went for a walk in Pemberton and had  lunch at a yummy restaurant called Mile One. We sat on the patio and enjoyed the gorgeous view of the mountains.

On our second day, I went grocery shopping and prepared some Indian food I cooked for our hosts while Brent went out and enjoyed a day of Fishing with the boys.

Brent enjoying a relaxing afternoon Fishing.

The beautiful view the boys had while fishing!

A wild horse Brent saw while Fishing!

Another beautiful shot!

Brent took this while walking to their fishing spot!

On our third day, my Family drove us to Whistler for a day of sightseeing. It was the best day of our trip and the views were spectacular.

Welcome To Whistler!

We walked through Whistler and took gondola rides to the top of Whistler/Blackcomb.

The  ride is called Peak to Peak. You are taken to the peaks in small gondolas. A few fun facts about the ride:

  • Total distance is 4.4km (2.73 miles)
  • 3.024km/1.88 miles is the total length of unsupported span during the ride
  • The highest point we achieved above ground was 436m/1427 feet

I have a HUGE fear of heights. I was terrified during the gondola rides and couldn’t look out. My Husband took these shots:

Here we are heading up Whistler on the first Gondola

This is the view from the top of Whistler

This is the second Gondola we took departing to Blackcomb

The view from the Gondola

This is inside the Gondola and shows just how far and high we were!

Another view!

Other Gondolas!

The Gondola Support Towers!

Almost at Blackcomb. Look how far the peak of Whistler is now!

The view of Whistler from the top of Blackcomb

The clouds seemed so big and close!


Brent and the amazing view!

Here are a few more shots we took while walking through Whistler:

Goofing Around!

The Olympic Rings!

The Olympic Flame!

On our Last day, Brent and I went for a walk through Pemberton and then drove back to Vancouver to catch our Red Eye flight. Here are some pictures of our last day in British Columbia:

The view from my Cousins backyard! Do you see a Wolf?

A cloudy morning from my Cousins backyard!

Another view of the Cloudy Mountains from the backyard!

Brent and my Cousins dog!

A view from the deck

Pembertons Community Garden

We took a walk around this lake in Pemberton

Another Lake view

Frolicking in the Water

Wild Berries

A Poppy!


More Flowers

A view from a cliff on the side of the highway on the drive back to Vancouver!

The sky during our drive back to Vancouver

The locals in Squamish see a Witch and her Broom. Do you?

A Copper Mine that was filmed in the finale of X-Files

The flight home. It is about 5am Est

Arriving in Toronto

We were very sad to leave and will always treasure our short trip to BC. We saw the most spectacular views and felt so at peace with Nature. We look forward to going back soon!