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After a long and busy day at work, I was excited to come home, kick off my shoes and relax with Brent.

Saturday Night. Remember that song? It was my favorite song of 1994. Well, here is a reminder:

Brent is currently enjoying Madden on our PS3, while I sit here posting a blog. This is how I picture him and Madden:

While he is busy playing his game, you can often find me sitting in front of my laptop with my headphones on. My big bassy ones. I cannot write without music on. Currently playing: Hot Mess by Chromeo. Ah Chromeo, our favorite band! We met them at their concert in 2010. Here we are with Dave 1:

I am so excited at this point!

Look at Brents Grin!

I also made my famous Cheese Ball as a snack tonight. I never have leftovers after a party.  Ask our friend Richard! I promise I will post the recipe shortly!

I think I am going to have a shower, put on some fresh PJs and watch a movie.

One last clip for you that I know you will enjoy (caution, does contain some adult language):

Have a great night everyone!