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After 2.5 lovely years in our apartment, Brent and I are thinking of packing up and moving on out. This will be our second move together.

In 2009, our relationship blossomed and I moved into Brents place. It was a high-rise apartment, we lived near the top and it was our home for a year until one day our apartment bedroom flooded. We then had to endure 3 long, agonizing months sleeping on our living room floor, dealing with delayed renovations and mold! I ended up calling the City Health Inspector to complain and just after we moved, the owner was ordered to spend a FORTUNE renovating and attaching siding to the entire building! June 2010, we moved to our current apartment. The bathroom had just been renovated, it was spotless and we were excited.

So now we are going to move again. We are looking for a more “mature” home, away from neighbors on all sides and a place we can enjoy for many years together. We aren’t in a rush and wouldn’t mind spending one more Christmas Holiday here.

We haven’t decided whether to continue to rent for a while and save, or buy our first place, but we are venturing away from a building, which will be exciting because we can finally have our own backyard, hold parties and watch movies on surround as loud as we want.

This week we were contacted by a realtor to view a few rentals.  We went to our first and second viewing and it went from OK to utterly horrendous.  The first home was adorable, complete with a dishwasher, laundry room and gorgeous backyard but had a steep price and no dining room, so we moved on to the next viewing. The realtor assured us it was a great starter home that came partly furnished. The owner was wanting to sell but would rent to us for a great price, we knew it was too good to be true. When we arrived to the house, it was smaller than our apartment.  I started laughing at how tiny it was and told Brent to go in first, because I knew it would be bad. Boy was I right! The carpets were dirty, the tub was dated back to the 40’s and there was a hot water tank smack in the middle of the tiny kitchen. After a few questions and false smiles, I said I had to get to work then told Brent to run!

Needless to say, we Bid Adieu to the realtor.

Down the road we will remember and laugh at all the shit-holes we looked at, but until then I think we will look ourselves! We might have a few more viewings this week, so be sure to follow my blog for updates on our Home Hunt.  Comment below if you have any horror stories!