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After many requests for another collection of Eye Candy & the fact that it was one of my most popular and shared blog posts last year, I present you with Part 2!

So, get ready to drool, hug your computer & swoon, again!


His rise to fame was the movie Hairspray, which is where I first saw him. Since then I have enjoyed watching him charm and impress the ladies in hits like  17 Again and The Lucky One. His lastest flick The Paperboy, gives us all a glimpse of his mature side, with plenty of scenes in his underwear!


This Canadian heartthrob has been impressing us with his chiseled good looks since Two Guys & A Girl.  With his ridiculously toned physique and charismatic appeal, he has made us laugh in hits like The Proposal & Just Friends. Plus who could forget his sexy yet disturbing role in The Amityville Horror?


We imagined him as our Prince in Entangled and enjoyed watching him save the planet as Cyclops in X-Men. We felt bad for him in The Notebook and laughed at his hilarious role in Sex Drive. We all want to be his Coquette, the answer to his love’s duet!


He seduces us with his voice, singing for Maroon 5 and has produced one of the most addictive songs ever – Moves Like Jagger. With his sheer sexiness and alluring confidence, we can’t help but want to put the moves on him!


It’s hard to believe this Father of three is 44 years old. We first spotted him in The First Wives Club. He has since risen to fame and starred in hits like Rock Star and Hitman and played the lead on the series Deadwood. He can save us from the Crazies anytime!

♥ Alex Pettyfer ♥

Last summer we were treated to a very private side of him in the blockbuster Magic Mike. Who knew he could move like that?! We have since enjoyed watching him in I Am Number Four and In Time. Though new to the movie scene, we look forward to seeing “more” of him!


 He made us giggle when he was photographed naked playing strip poker. This cute and usually reserved Prince has a bit of a naughty side. Perhaps we should dub him Dirty Harry!


 In the 90’s, fans walls were plastered with posters of JT from ‘N Sync. Today he is bigger than ever. With hits like Cry Me a River,  Rock Your Body & Suit & Tie we adore and thank him for bringing Sexy Back.


After being snubbed for Best Director, we cheered for him when he won Best Picture at this years Academy Awards. A Husband, Father, Actor, Director, Writer & Producer, we’d leave on a jet plane to see him any day ’cause we “don’t want to miss a thing.”


We’ve seen this hunky bad boy in The Fast & The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast & Furious, Fast Five and the upcoming Fast & Furious 6 due in theaters this year. Perhaps we will race to the theaters if # 7 comes out. I can only imagine what that title will be.


Ok, I know I included him in Part 1 but have you seen his new line of Bodywear for Men at H&M? I actually ran out and got these three types for Brent (insert chuckle). And have you seen his newest commercial for them? Hotter than Hot!!!

Well there you have it, the much anticipated Part 2. Subscribe to receive updates or follow my blog as I will be posting the next addition shortly, with an interesting twist, and be sure to vote on your favorite. I know who I’m voting for!


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