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With less than two weeks until the end of my first semester of Nursing school, I thought I would take a break from studying for finals and share a bit of nursing student humor.

Fellow classmates, we made it! 1 down, 3 to go!

My reaction when I first see the learning plans of the semester

When I learned that you may have to auscultate each quadrant for 5 minutes when assessing bowel sounds

How I feel when I ace my exam

How I feel when I ace my exam

When you find out you’re assigned to a patient on contact isolation

When everyone is talking about how hard the exam was and you know you rocked it!

When I do well on my Gordon’s health patterns

When you notice your scrubs are soaked after giving a shower

My reaction after I received my tuition statement.

Post nursing theory exam

Good luck to everyone on your finals. See you in semester 2!


*With images from Google search