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It is apparent that I have been busy with nursing school as I noticed today that I haven’t posted a blog since April!

School has been going great and I am loving it! I am now able to administer medications, including injections (with supervision of course), assist with dressings and tracheostomies and perform other exciting skills.

 I thought I would take a break from homework and share with you some more Nursing Student humor.

When I am tired of studying and my brain can’t retain anymore information

My classmates and I before we enter the exam room

The way I feel when I see a good grade posted online

For the men in class :)

How I react when I’m thinking about how much I have to study

My reply when I’m asked during studying if I need anything

How I feel after a week of exams, clinical and assignments

How I walk once I take my shoes off after a 12 hour clinical

After I ace my consolidation

How I feel when the exam doesn’t reflect the content taught

My reaction when I check my notes after an exam

When someone posts on Facebook that the exam marks are up

Having a client on Lactulose

When we find out we are placed with our friends for our clinical placement

Have a relaxing weekend!


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