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I am now in semester 3 of the Nursing program and I am busier than ever!

Our clinical focus is Surgical which involves assessments, medications, IV therapy, wound care and catheterization, to name a few.

I felt it was time to share with you what it feels like to be a Nursing student in part 3 of my series. Enjoy!

When I am happy to finally get out of contact precautions

How I feel the first time I change a dressing, unsupervised

When I am stressed out with school and someone tells me it can’t be that bad

My reaction when I look in the mirror after a 12 hour clinical shift

First time with a C. Difficile brief

My family and friends reaction when I discuss what I do at Clinical

When I finally get to lay down after being on my feet for 12 hours

What usually happens after I finish a brief change

Patients who continually bang their bedrails

When I am able to reposition a patient by myself

When I get frustrated trying to get the bubbles out of the IV tubing

When I finally sit down to chart and am asked to do a brief change

How I feel after a very full brief change

When my nose gets itchy and I am working with contact precautions

Operating Room day!

When the IV pump alarm won’t stop

When my shift is over!

How easy it looks to crush medications….

How it actually looks crushing medications….

reset-roomlife-in-nursing A-nursing-student


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