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Well, it has been exactly a year today since I last blogged. A year!!!

I was recently asked by a friend if I still blogged to which I replied that I hadn’t. The thought crossed my mind tonight – why not?

So much has happened since my last post. I can excitedly say that I graduated from Nursing School in June! I took the Summer off to spend time with my family and friends and take some time for me – I deserved it!

My Hubs and I are great! We have many fun plans for the remainder of the year and upcoming holidays and hope to buy a home in the near future.

So with this newfound freedom I can get back to blogging which I have missed oh-so-much!I will be updating some sections of the blog so bear with me ;) I have so many new and fun blog post ideas and look forward to reconnecting with all of my devoted followers.

Stay tuned…..