Old 45’s…..


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 CHROMEO recently released their newest video – Old 45’s.  This is, in my opinion, the best song off their new album WHITE WOMEN. With its smooth 80’s vibe and funky lyrics, it is sure to please, so I thought I would share it with you!

 Below is the video for Old 45’s, which also features a cameo from Mr. Napoleon Dynamite himself, Jon Heder.

Just for fun, here is a pic of Dave 1 and I from their show in 2010:

This was taken as Dave 1  & I poked fun at my Husband Brent and he called Brent "Honey"

This was taken as Dave 1 & I poked fun at my Husband Brent and he called Brent “Honey”

Be sure to check out the rest of their videos and albums and feel free to let me know what you think of the video!

I’m Back!


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Well, it has been exactly a year today since I last blogged. A year!!!

I was recently asked by a friend if I still blogged to which I replied that I hadn’t. The thought crossed my mind tonight – why not?

So much has happened since my last post. I can excitedly say that I graduated from Nursing School in June! I took the Summer off to spend time with my family and friends and take some time for me – I deserved it!

My Hubs and I are great! We have many fun plans for the remainder of the year and upcoming holidays and hope to buy a home in the near future.

So with this newfound freedom I can get back to blogging which I have missed oh-so-much!I will be updating some sections of the blog so bear with me ;) I have so many new and fun blog post ideas and look forward to reconnecting with all of my devoted followers.

Stay tuned…..


The Life Of A Nursing Student – Part 3!


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I am now in semester 3 of the Nursing program and I am busier than ever!

Our clinical focus is Surgical which involves assessments, medications, IV therapy, wound care and catheterization, to name a few.

I felt it was time to share with you what it feels like to be a Nursing student in part 3 of my series. Enjoy!

When I am happy to finally get out of contact precautions

How I feel the first time I change a dressing, unsupervised

When I am stressed out with school and someone tells me it can’t be that bad

My reaction when I look in the mirror after a 12 hour clinical shift

First time with a C. Difficile brief

My family and friends reaction when I discuss what I do at Clinical

When I finally get to lay down after being on my feet for 12 hours

What usually happens after I finish a brief change

Patients who continually bang their bedrails

When I am able to reposition a patient by myself

When I get frustrated trying to get the bubbles out of the IV tubing

When I finally sit down to chart and am asked to do a brief change

How I feel after a very full brief change

When my nose gets itchy and I am working with contact precautions

Operating Room day!

When the IV pump alarm won’t stop

When my shift is over!

How easy it looks to crush medications….

How it actually looks crushing medications….

reset-roomlife-in-nursing A-nursing-student


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The Life Of A Nursing Student – Part 2!


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It is apparent that I have been busy with nursing school as I noticed today that I haven’t posted a blog since April!

School has been going great and I am loving it! I am now able to administer medications, including injections (with supervision of course), assist with dressings and tracheostomies and perform other exciting skills.

 I thought I would take a break from homework and share with you some more Nursing Student humor.

When I am tired of studying and my brain can’t retain anymore information

My classmates and I before we enter the exam room

The way I feel when I see a good grade posted online

For the men in class :)

How I react when I’m thinking about how much I have to study

My reply when I’m asked during studying if I need anything

How I feel after a week of exams, clinical and assignments

How I walk once I take my shoes off after a 12 hour clinical

After I ace my consolidation

How I feel when the exam doesn’t reflect the content taught

My reaction when I check my notes after an exam

When someone posts on Facebook that the exam marks are up

Having a client on Lactulose

When we find out we are placed with our friends for our clinical placement

Have a relaxing weekend!


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The Life Of A Nursing Student!


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With less than two weeks until the end of my first semester of Nursing school, I thought I would take a break from studying for finals and share a bit of nursing student humor.

Fellow classmates, we made it! 1 down, 3 to go!

My reaction when I first see the learning plans of the semester

When I learned that you may have to auscultate each quadrant for 5 minutes when assessing bowel sounds

How I feel when I ace my exam

How I feel when I ace my exam

When you find out you’re assigned to a patient on contact isolation

When everyone is talking about how hard the exam was and you know you rocked it!

When I do well on my Gordon’s health patterns

When you notice your scrubs are soaked after giving a shower

My reaction after I received my tuition statement.

Post nursing theory exam

Good luck to everyone on your finals. See you in semester 2!


*With images from Google search

Eye Candy Part 2: A Collection Of My Favourite Male Celebs!


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After many requests for another collection of Eye Candy & the fact that it was one of my most popular and shared blog posts last year, I present you with Part 2!

So, get ready to drool, hug your computer & swoon, again!


His rise to fame was the movie Hairspray, which is where I first saw him. Since then I have enjoyed watching him charm and impress the ladies in hits like  17 Again and The Lucky One. His lastest flick The Paperboy, gives us all a glimpse of his mature side, with plenty of scenes in his underwear!


This Canadian heartthrob has been impressing us with his chiseled good looks since Two Guys & A Girl.  With his ridiculously toned physique and charismatic appeal, he has made us laugh in hits like The Proposal & Just Friends. Plus who could forget his sexy yet disturbing role in The Amityville Horror?


We imagined him as our Prince in Entangled and enjoyed watching him save the planet as Cyclops in X-Men. We felt bad for him in The Notebook and laughed at his hilarious role in Sex Drive. We all want to be his Coquette, the answer to his love’s duet!


He seduces us with his voice, singing for Maroon 5 and has produced one of the most addictive songs ever – Moves Like Jagger. With his sheer sexiness and alluring confidence, we can’t help but want to put the moves on him!


It’s hard to believe this Father of three is 44 years old. We first spotted him in The First Wives Club. He has since risen to fame and starred in hits like Rock Star and Hitman and played the lead on the series Deadwood. He can save us from the Crazies anytime!

♥ Alex Pettyfer ♥

Last summer we were treated to a very private side of him in the blockbuster Magic Mike. Who knew he could move like that?! We have since enjoyed watching him in I Am Number Four and In Time. Though new to the movie scene, we look forward to seeing “more” of him!


 He made us giggle when he was photographed naked playing strip poker. This cute and usually reserved Prince has a bit of a naughty side. Perhaps we should dub him Dirty Harry!


 In the 90’s, fans walls were plastered with posters of JT from ‘N Sync. Today he is bigger than ever. With hits like Cry Me a River,  Rock Your Body & Suit & Tie we adore and thank him for bringing Sexy Back.


After being snubbed for Best Director, we cheered for him when he won Best Picture at this years Academy Awards. A Husband, Father, Actor, Director, Writer & Producer, we’d leave on a jet plane to see him any day ’cause we “don’t want to miss a thing.”


We’ve seen this hunky bad boy in The Fast & The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast & Furious, Fast Five and the upcoming Fast & Furious 6 due in theaters this year. Perhaps we will race to the theaters if # 7 comes out. I can only imagine what that title will be.


Ok, I know I included him in Part 1 but have you seen his new line of Bodywear for Men at H&M? I actually ran out and got these three types for Brent (insert chuckle). And have you seen his newest commercial for them? Hotter than Hot!!!

Well there you have it, the much anticipated Part 2. Subscribe to receive updates or follow my blog as I will be posting the next addition shortly, with an interesting twist, and be sure to vote on your favorite. I know who I’m voting for!


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What Makes The News?


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Today I was disappointed in reading that Joy Behar was leaving the talk show The View. Not because of her announcement to retire from the show, but because it was front page news, EVERYWHERE. After turning on my laptop to read the days headlines, I saw it on the front of Yahoo, CNN and The New York Times to name a few. On The Washington Post website, it was one of the top tags, on the front page!

washpostI can understand that to some, her departure is saddening.  Behar and Barbara Walters are the only remaining co-hosts since the shows premiere in 1997, but is this seriously big news? Have you ever examined the headlines and laughed or wondered exactly what makes it attention-worthy? It is apparent that society determines the popularity of events, based upon relation to hype, controversy, disaster or pure bizarreness. Which brings about the question: What makes the News?

Last month in Chelyabinsk Russia, a large meteor exploded over the city, injuring roughly 1000 people. It was also coincidentally the same day asteroid DA14 was to pass by the earth at a proximity of 17,000 miles, a rare event. For a few hours, the Russian meteor explosion was top news on websites and television stations. Later that afternoon asteroid DA14 passed by Earth, which quickly pushed the meteor out of the spotlight.  For hours after, Brent & I browsed the news for updates on the meteor explosion. With little information found, we were perplexed about why it wasn’t being broadcast. With waiting years to see the asteroid and much hype and anticipation, millions of eyes were on the sky. Twitter and the internet were a buzz and nothing much was heard about the meteor that day. Where were the posted videos and pictures of damage and cleanup afterwards? Perhaps if it had occurred on a different day it would have been the most talked about news stories that day or week. Guess we’ll never know!


Controversy is an important factor when determining what makes something news-worthy. This week in controversial news, Mother Teresa’s sainthood was questioned, NYC began preparations to ban large sugary drinks and in television news, the show Mike And Molly came under fire for a racially offensive joke regarding Native Americans and Alcoholism which you can read here. Controversy intrigues society and brings about conflict and dispute. English writer William Hazlitt said it best: “When a thing ceases to be a subject of controversy, it ceases to be a subject of interest.”

Bizarre and humorous news stories are often a popular topic. Did you hear about the Canadian couple who were arrested for arguing about who got the last beer which lead to a chip-dip fight? How about a Mother who was arraigned for hiring strippers for her sons 16th birthday party? And don’t forget the man who now possibly faces jail time for laughing too loud…..in his own home! Quirky stories intrigue society because it is simply peculiar. Perhaps, we look for these stories to take a moment to laugh or merely compare our life to those with more “interesting” ones. Regardless, the offbeat stories are often the most popular, particularly when they include celebrities. Remember Anderson Coopers laughing fit?

With the available methods of sharing information it is safe to say that society dictates what is important, popular and newsworthy. Hitting a like button, posting on a social media site or clicking a link allows for news to trend and therefore allows society to control what becomes important.

I will now leave you with an interesting fact: News of a blog post written by my husband Brent that was Freshly Pressed, was shared on social media and viewed on WordPress over 13,000 times in one day. The topic: How to hold a hamburger properly.


Smile Of The Day!


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Nursing School sure has been keeping me busy! This week I am on Reading Week, so I am taking advantage of my free time visiting family & friends and getting all upcoming assignments and exam studying done. With all the pressures of school and life, it has been hard to relax and enjoy things.

I thought I would share a great video of a kid enjoying his time doing dishes.  He saw the brighter side of his “chore” and made it fun – with Michael Jackson! This is how life should be, finding joy in the little things.

Take time to smile and enjoy your day!


1 Fabulous Year on WordPress!


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On Saturday, WordPress reminded me of my 1 year Anniversary of blogging. How fast time flew! So, I thought I would share with you my year in review with some fun facts about my blog!

                              Click here to see the complete report.

Thank you to all of my amazing readers and followers! I cherish all of your comments and messages, likes and shares!

Happy Blogging in 2013!


It Gets Dark!


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I am currently finishing up readings and homework for class tomorrow. Week 3 of school almost done! I just took a much needed break and glanced out my apartment window to see the city lights and winter sky.

It sure is dark.

Before I head back to homework, I thought I would share a favorite song of mine I just listened to:  Holy Ghost! – It Gets Dark.

The video I am sharing with you is actually a fan-made video (the band hasn’t posted one yet) and is comprised of footage from an 80’s Halloween Masquerade. I have been to many parties but my costumes aren’t quite as exciting  (or strange) as some of the costumes in the video. Take a look and be sure to comment below with thoughts.